7 Tips For WordPress Plugin Development

7 Tips For WordPress Plugin Development

A lot of people don’t know this but WordPress plugin development is painstaking hard work. It requires a lot of man hours and there’s a lot of different aspects that go into it that people don’t realize. WordPress is the most commonly used content manager and blog software on the internet today. People have built social media websites, eCommerce stores and anything else you can imagine solely using WordPress.

A lot of people rely on plugins to help them add functionality to a website that would otherwise take weeks or even months of coding. I mean honestly, who wants to manually code out a contact form with advanced functionality that you could otherwise find in Contact Form 7? If you’ve ever thought about creating your own plugins, here’s 7 tips for WordPress plugin development to make the process go as smoothly as possible.

#1 – Brainstorming/Research

What kind of plugin do you want to build? Do people have a logical use or need for your plugin? How many other plugins exist that do exactly what you do right now? How can you make it better? These are all questions that will need to be addressed during the initial research and brainstorming process. Before you even begin developing your own plugin, you need to figure out exactly what problem this addresses or what functionality that this plugin will add that people even Financial need.

#2 – Get Familiar With WordPress

WordPress is a particularly easy platform to figure out but if you’re not familiar with php or the WordPress codex, then you’re going to have a rough time. The WordPress codex is a huge library on everything WordPress To including under the hood development tips/tricks.

#3 – Figure Out If You Have The Time

Do you honestly have the time to maintain and update this plugin sertraline 100mg tablets. One of the biggest inconsistencies that are seen today with plugin developers is that they do not keep their plugins up to date. This is a huge issue because this allows hackers to get into your website without even knowing your password and creates huge security vulnerabilities.

#4 – Hire A Team

Of the 7 tips for WordPress plugin development, cheap MLB jerseys this is going to be your best tip and option here. A team of professional programmers who are familiar with the ins and outs of WordPress plugin development will help make the process smooth and they’ll be able to provide you with a high quality plugin.

#5 – Free Or Paid?

Decide if you’re going to do a free or paid cheap NBA jerseys plugin. You have to realize that most plugins that cost Appraisal money without a free trial or free version don’t usually do well and aren’t usually big slider2 hits. This is why some of the top downloaded plugins on he market offer a free version but lock/hide features for pro members only that pay money.

#6 – Marketing Your Plugin

There’s so many beautiful plugins out there that never get a single download. It’s not even that they’re bad but people simply don’t know they even exist. How would they know? The authors or owners have never done a single day of marketing for the plugin. You have to figure out before hand how you plan on spreading the word that your plugin even exists in the first a place. Doing some research for Google Keywords with the AdPlanner tool should help you figure out a decent keyword for your plugin to rank for.

#7 – Hiring The Right Team

Last but not least, there’s the issue of hiring the right cheap NFL jerseys team if you’ve decided to go this route. It’s definitely recommended because plugin development is hard work.

– Make sure they have reviews on their website
– Check to see if they’ve done any work related directly to the type of plugin you’d like to have made
– Check out their pricing and make sure their needs fit your budget
– Call/Email them and ask questions, don’t be hesitant to ask any questions
– Create a free WordPress and test out some of their plugins (Are they up to date? Do they work? Do they offer great support for existing plugins?)

These are all questions and tips that need to be thought up before hand before you develop or have a plugin developed.