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WordPress plugin development tips for the project managers and CEO and team leaders.

WordPress virtual private ubuntu server

Installing WordPress + Nginx on virtual private Ubuntu Server

Many sites grow up and, to be honest, I believe that everyone who reads this article wants to grow his site as if it were his own house. Many sites are stored in large storage alongside other sites on the same server. This is a helpful way to host a lot of files and allows […]

Wordpress security

How to Secure Your WordPress in 7 Steps

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Top 4 Options for Earning Money with WordPress

There are many ways to earn money within the WordPress world, including promoting the vast variety of products available in order to generate affiliate commissions. But, today we will look at the opportunities available to those with WordPress Of skills. cost of cialis per pill Development of WordPress Plugin With around thirty million self-hosted WordPress […]

How to Earn $6,987 a Month From WordPress Plugin Development

There are many ways by which you can Will monetize your WordPress plugin. It is possible to earn as much as $6987 from our plugins. The four main ways to earn money from plugins are: canadian online pharmacy for viagra   1. SELL THEM ON Themeforest, a part of Envato bitches Market is a […]

WordPress plugins new ideas

How to Develop a WordPress Plugin in 3 Simple Steps

WordPress plugins are PHP scripts that are used to enhance the normal functionality of your website – either partly or wholly. Basically they are codes WordPress put together to give extra instructions to your other WordPress content. The best thing about plugin is that they add constant features to your website even after changing themes […]

Wordpress Plugin Development Information

WordPress Plugin Development Pro Tips

A WordPress plugin is a simple program and set of functions, that adds specific features and services that can be executed in different areas of your WordPress site. When a WordPress plugin is programmed and deployed properly using their plugin management module, the impact on functionality for web developers and surfers can be incredible. 3 […]